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What Unifies a Community?

There are many aspects involved when supporting something. Is it politics, or sports, or religious beliefs?  Whatever “it” may be, supporting each other, as a community, ought to be a top priority.

My community is Birmingham, Alabama. For 21 years my memories were built in the suburbs, not really messing with downtown.  I thought I was in tune with what it meant to be from Birmingham. What I did not expect was the love I would come to know for Birmingham metro when I started to work at the Innovation Depot. Devon Laney, CEO of the Depot, has done a tremendous job in recruiting and retaining tech talent for the region ensuring that the magic will happen here once again.

Gaining the perception that it sprouted up out of nowhere, Birmingham was nicknamed the Magic City and became known for its iconic iron statue, Vulcan; the big guy on the mountain. Starting as a unified city was easy with the common goal in mind to produce the best and most steel around. Unfortunately, Birmingham took a turn for the worse as we fell into deep hostility in the Civil Rights period. A dark time in our history, that many have remembered and often still associate with our city. It is certainly hard to overcome a time like that, but Birmingham is rejuvenating itself.

During turbulent times, cities can lose business due to negative connotations. This is what organizations like the Innovation Depot and TechBirmingham are fighting against. Constantly holding events to promote the city’s business leaders and rich culture, these two are on the tip of the spear in terms of Birmingham growth.

Along with these organizations are a multitude of others behind the mission of improving Birmingham.  Iron Tribe Fitness, Pepper Place, Avondale Brewing (along with the other breweries), Telegraph Creative, are examples of other home grown businesses focused on city wide revitalization of Bham.

“It’s time to take pride in our city, wear it on our chest, and put it back on the map of influential cities that make America the best country on earth.” -Jim Cavale, President, Iron Tribe Fitness
“Changing the way people perceive the city.” –IamBham

Bringing rise to events throughout the summer and constantly appealing to the basic consumer needs/wants, the Magic City is producing satisfaction once again.

Showing pride is something we are becoming good at. With Sloss Tech and Sloss Music and Arts Festival last weekend, and today, July 23, Avondale Brewing Company hosting the IamBham event and Cahaba Brewery hosting the Southbound Music Festival, it seems like Birmingham never stops!

But why is all of this important? How are music and tech festivals going to benefit the city long-term?


It’s just the Birmingham Way!

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” -George Bernard Shaw

Birmingham is evolving to satisfy the needs and demands of the younger generations; specifically technology, food and entertainment.  Building its infrastructure around some of these fast growing industries is exactly what’s being done.

Birmingham is what’s happening, and millennials are catching onto the idea that it could be their home too.

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