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Innovation Week

August 19-28

The summer is always busy for Birmingham. Music festivals, tech conferences, hanging out in local breweries, shopping in Pepper Place’s multiple vendors.  There is so much going on, you would think the city never sleeps. Well in fact, it does sleep, but while awake, its creating innovation like the city has never seen before. There ought to be a time to show case the opportunities Birmingham has and the magic it can produce for business to the millennial looking to move south.

See, Birmingham is not too popular. Attracting millennials, from outside, who are starting families, careers, and even businesses can be difficult for the city. Why?  The large number of empty office buildings with authentic old architecture seem to reach out.  They are looking for a cool and exciting scene to reside within. Little does the graduated college student, or young couple, understand how Birmingham is a diamond in the rough.

While offering a plethora of fun things to do, Birmingham has a dynamic scene for small business, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Not only does the culture support growth by being a tight knit community living by the slogan “keep it local”, but the large businesses like Regions Bank, BBVACompass, Innovation Depot, Birmingham Business Alliance, and many others invest time and money into promoting Birmingham through local events.

A little piece of magic happened this past Friday at the Lyric Theater on 3rd avenue north. Sloss Tech, the City’s first tech festival hosted a multitude of local leaders and three prominent entrepreneurs from California and New York. Of course bragging rights go to TechBirmingham and Telegraph Creative for making the whole day happen, but it’s the city that’s the real winner. Investors, entrepreneurs, and company employees from all around came to hear what has and is being done in Birmingham.

To continue this trend of “innovation”, Sloss Fest took place for the second year and gave a taste of the history and culture within the city. An exciting week indeed, but there is so much more to learn about Birmingham.

Innovation Week, coming up at the tail end of summer, will be THE showcase for highlighting Birmingham’s new businesses.  Stay tuned, for more of the excitement!

“Birmingham Innovation Week is an annual celebration of innovation in Birmingham and the inventors, investors, entrepreneurs, supporters and catalysts that drive it. It is an open platform to showcase the numerous organizations and initiatives that support the Birmingham Innovation ecosystem and the rich human capital foundation that drives it.”

– Birmingham Business Alliance

For additional information of how to attend, or get involved, follow the link:




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