Birmingham: Bursting with Potential

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Birmingham is booming, but is it getting noticed? As a 21 year old native of the Birmingham area, I have seen a lot of change happen in mid Alabama suburbia from 280 construction, to new restaurants popping up, to the Grandview Hospital taking years to complete. It wasn’t until I started college at Samford University that I really noticed the metro city area.

This summer, I started an internship at TechBirmingham where I have been in the front row to see the growth with technology, non-profits, and businesses throughout the Magic City. TechBirmingham, one of the leaders for technological growth in the city, is working to retain tech talent and educate the younger generation about computer coding and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers. They are one of the many non-profits dedicated to showing people the potential this great city has to offer. From an aerial view, the city might not seem all that great. From our rough history, to our slowly developing city scape, Birmingham might not appear to be the most attractive southeastern metropolitan area.

Although it has taken me 21 years to notice how much potential Birmingham has, it is never too late! In fact, this might be the best time to notice the Magic City for all it’s worth. There are many great things going on in terms of business, but you can’t just have all work and no play! ‘What else is there to do?’, you might ask.  With many local breweries popping up, baseball games at Regions field and music festivals during the summer, Birmingham is certainly a city to stick around in for an extended stay.

Times are changing, a new generation is emerging as the top investors and innovators, and the Magic City is one of the front runners in attractive millennial cities.

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