Southern Makers at Sloss Furnaces August 12 – 13

Southern Makers is a two-day event that celebrates the best in creativity and design with artists that live and work in the south.

The event activities, workshops, storytelling, demonstrations and maker bazaar explore and center on taking southern traditions in architecture, food, fine art, fashion and design and applying them in a modern sustainable world.

We hope that visitors will learn a little something about why the south is a unique and creative place to live, discover and visit.

Southern Makers, it’s nice to have you in Birmingham – August 12-13


Southern Makers makes its debut in Birmingham August 12th & 13th. The creative event brings together the south’s top creative talents (and enthusiasts) for a weekend of creation, cultivation, and innovation. Learn more about the move, the festival, and a few of the makers themselves.

Southern Makers - Birmingham, AL
via Southern Makers // Psst, see that state of Alabama silhouette in the flag? You’ve seen it at Good People Brewing.

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