Y’all Come Back, Nu? A Very Southern Shabbat (& Recipe)

green tomatoes
Have you ever seen such a beautiful thing?

Got a lot of tomatoes in the garden? Hit the farmer’s market recently? Went on a Whole Foods run? Found a random can of Trader Joe’s pickled green tomatoes in the pantry? None of the above but always wondered what to even do with green tomatoes? Good. I have a bit of a passion for green tomatoes, so get your serrated knives out. Continue reading “Y’all Come Back, Nu? A Very Southern Shabbat (& Recipe)”

Bogue’s featured in “51 Best Breakfast Destinations in America” list

Bogue's Restaurant - Omelette and hash browns
Bogue’s Restaurant has been named one of the top 51 Breakfast Destinations in America – photo by Pat Byington, Bham Now

Last month, the popular website extracrispy.com named Bogue’s Restaurant on Birmingham’s Southside as one of the 51 Best Breakfast Destinations in America.

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Get Childish in Birmingham

Sometimes, after a long week at work, all you want to do is let your inner child run around screaming until it needs a snack and a nap. But in a slightly more refined way that comes from being a taxpayer with a horizontal driver’s license. Maybe not so much screaming. If Chuck E. Cheese (Charles Entertainment, really)  is where a kid goes to be a kid, where does a grown up go to get childish in Birmingham? Continue reading “Get Childish in Birmingham”