5 Birmingham Restaurants with Amazing Patio Dining

Patio Dining
Try Wasabi Juan’s 4:20 nachos and grab a beer at Avondale Brewing next door! (Via Wasabi Juan’s Facebook)

Now that summer has rolled around, it’s time to get outside.  Birmingham offers great restaurants for you to enjoy the great weather and eat some amazing food at the same time.  Don’t miss out on these great patio dining experiences in your backyard!

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Birmingham Top Things To Do: May 31st-June 6th

SliceFest comes to the ‘Ham this week! Coincidentally, ham is one of my favorite pizza toppings, right up next to pineapple – via slicefest.com

Another week of events in the Magic City!  This time, most of the live music is concentrated around SliceFest or other events.  Maybe I just don’t like country music as much as other people.  If you like country music, check out our full calendar of events here and see what tickles your fancy! Continue reading “Birmingham Top Things To Do: May 31st-June 6th”

Distracted Driving: the hidden insurance expense

Technically, this guy is texting in a parking space, which is totally fine – via fishertalwar.com

Distracted driving kills thousands every year – almost 3,500 people died as a result of it in 2015 alone. While the NHTSA’s definition, which includes “fiddling with the stereo,” might be a little extreme (unless your stereo-fiddling itself is extreme, in which case send me a video), distracted driving is a serious problem. How can you combat it in the absolute easiest way?  This guide should make driving easier, safer, and more fun.  Continue reading “Distracted Driving: the hidden insurance expense”