Ramadan Events in Birmingham

If you don’t practice Islam, you’re probably incredibly unfamiliar with the faith’s holidays, celebrations, and traditions outside of the call to prayer, the hijab, and maybe you know that Mecca is important. And maybe, perhaps because you live in Alabama (or at least in America) in a time of great cultural exchange and diversity, you have heard of Ramadan.

At least you’ve heard the word. You might automatically say that it’s a fast and that it lasts for a month. And no, that is not incorrect!

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Birmingham restaurants with amazing patio dining-part 2

Patio Dining
Vino’s beautiful patio (via Vino’s Facebook)

After all the feedback on our last post about great restaurants for summer patio dining, we decided to add a few more to the list!  It’s hard to beat great food, an amazing atmosphere, scenic views and twinkly lights.  Check out some more of our favorites!

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