The Feds are coming to town! Birmingham among 12 cities to receive crime reduction assistance

The BPD can expect some help from the federal government – via

Former Alabama Senator and current US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced an initiative to reduce crime in twelve cities today.  Urban areas are consistently more dangerous, even accounting for population, than suburban and rural areas, and this new program aims to reduce violent crime in these high-risk areas, especially gun crime. Continue reading “The Feds are coming to town! Birmingham among 12 cities to receive crime reduction assistance”

Dr. Stephen Black shares ‘single biggest challenge’ to Alabama

Stephen Black, Founder of Impact America

Civitan International, based right here in Birmingham, receives almost no press attention for all it does.  Volunteering, building community leadership, just getting out and doing something for one’s community are the everyday reality for Civitans.  At last week’s Civitan meeting, the founding Birmingham chapter played host to Stephen Black.  Continue reading “Dr. Stephen Black shares ‘single biggest challenge’ to Alabama”

Birmingham to host Tech Jobs Tour

tech jobs tour promo image birmingham alabama
possibly the most self-explanatory picture I have ever included in an article –  via

Birmingham is quickly making a name for itself as the place to start a new tech company in the South.  Right now, the United States has more than half a million tech-related job openings!  But how can you find these jobs?  You can always look at Bham Now’s own job posting section, but on June 15th, the Tech Jobs Tour comes to Birmingham!

Continue reading “Birmingham to host Tech Jobs Tour”

North Birmingham wants you back!

birmingham al pratt city library
The current library in Pratt City, built after the 2014 tornadoes – via

Ever since Avondale Brewery opened, Birmingham has really sprung back – our city even plays host to a blog celebrating this, Comeback Town! As more and more people find that they want to live in our city, it’s important to ask the question, “how much will our cost of living increase?” Thanks to a rezoning effort in north Birmingham, housing could stay affordable, and our community could grow even more! Continue reading “North Birmingham wants you back!”