Protestors Against Trump’s Immigration Ban Gather at Shuttlesworth Airport

Hundreds of protesters met at the Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport this afternoon to demonstrate opposition against President Trump’s executive orders banning people from Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Somalia or Yemen from traveling to the U.S.  for 90 days.

Gathering, Birmingham International Airport, Trump Immigration Policy
Photo courtesy of Bud Gabis

Confusion and chaos spread across U.S. airports this weekend as anxious families searched for arriving relatives, friends and business associates and protestors demonstrated against the measure.


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Cycling and Walking Around UAB Could Get Safer

While many people enter a new year with a resolution to lose weight, James Fowler’s goal is to put some of the roads within the UAB campus on a diet instead.  As the Director of Planning Design and Construction at UAB, Fowler is working with Birmingham city officials to reduce the amount of vehicle traffic on campus streets by improving conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.  The idea is to decrease the area of the existing surface streets dedicated to cars, a process Fowler calls “road diets.”

Birmingham, UAB Dr. JAmes Fowler
Dr. James Fowler, Courtesy of UAB

“This allows us the flexibility to add things like bike lanes, wider sidewalks, better crosswalks and landscaped mediums,” Fowler said.
“It will help us create a more livable, attractive campus.”

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Celebrate the year of the Rooster at Boutwell

From the Birmingham Chinese Festival Association

Tomorrow, January 28th kicks off the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Rooster.

In Birmingham, you can celebrate the new year on Saturday at the Birmingham Chinese New Year Festival.  This year’s event will be held at Boutwell Auditorium and it begins at 11:00am and ends at 2:30.

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Bare Naked Noodles opens up 3rd Cafe

Guess who's coming to Lakeshore?! We'll see you Jan. 24th

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It is always impressive to see the growth of small business owners in the Bham community. Bare Naked Noodles is one of those sweet success stories. This Southern Italian cafe offers the freshest fare around and is getting more and more popular in Birmingham.

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UAB On Bleeding Edge of Helmet Design – Can we make football safer?

Cross-section computer render of the upcoming VICIS ZERO1

Alabama loves football.  But it’s a rough sport.  You probably know  someone who’s been injured in the game.  Recently, football has come under fire for the inherent risks, which include the lifelong effects of repeated head injuries, such as concussions.  Helmets used today offer protection from direct impacts, but little else.  Can technology make it safer?

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Third Space Opens at BMA – Explore.


From Third Space Exhibit

The Birmingham Museum of Art has been hard at work preparing for the creation and opening of the largest contemporary art exhibition in the museum’s history.

“What I love about contemporary art is that there is no right or wrong way to look at it. You don’t have to have a lot of background about art. What you bring to the work is how you interpret it.”

-Wassan Al-Khudhairi, Hugh Kaul Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art

See Bham Now’s special preview of what visitors have in store.

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Check Out UAB’s Football Schedule for the New Season

Exciting things await in 2017. Happy New Year from UAB Football. #theReturn

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New Gear. New Training Facility. Same Drive to Dominate. Yesterday, the UAB Football Program announced the upcoming season’s schedule. The team just got that much closer to their return date and their fans definitely got more excited.

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Baby Parker Beats the Odds at Children’s Hospital

Birmingham, Alabama, content,marketing,sponsored,partner,Children's
Baby Parker, Courtesy of Children’s Hospital

Four days before a scheduled Caesarean-section, Ashley Neil of Vestavia Hills, Alabama, learned that her baby girl, Parker, would have only minutes to live. An ultrasound showed Parker had a severe heart defect that is virtually always fatal. But through fastidious planning and an unprecedented approach to treatment, Parker survived.

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